Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Divine™ Ghost Favor Picture Tutorial

I showed you this Divine™ Ghost Favor here in my previous post, and now I've got the pictures posted to walk you through making it yourself. To prepare, you'll need to cut out a shape with the Bigz Clear Oval Accent Die, in Whisper White card stock. Then, take a scrap piece of card stock and punch through it with the Owl Builder Punch. If you use Basic Black, be sure to keep track of the medium size circle punches from the Owl Punch--you can use those for ghost eyes!

The first step is to use the owl outline from the punched out piece of card stock as a template on the right side of the oval accent piece. Click the picture if you want to see it full-size, and check out how I've lined up a pointy piece from above one of the owl's punched out feet, to point right at the notch in the oval accent piece. While holding that point in place, rotate the owl punchout so the curve of the owl's ear point matches the curve of the top of the oval. Once in place, trace this line lightly with pencil. (don't trace the feet, just the curve of the outline of the owl)

You will then slide the owl template over to the left top part of the oval accent piece, and trace in the same will be a mirror image of the line on the right side.

You will end up with markings on your oval, similar to the marks you see below. You'll want to make yours with light pencil lines so you can erase them. I went over mine in black pen, just to get a good photo.

Cut along the lines you made, making sure you cut through the tiny spots where your line skipped above the owl's feet. Erase any lines that did not get cut away, and you should have something similar to the shape below:

This next step is optional, and you may not need to do it after making this project once or twice, as you will readily "see" the angle after this illustration. In the picture below, I have laid a ruler from the corner of the notch on the lower right part of the oval accent, to the "head" of the ghost. As you can see, this marks a line roughly parallel to the side of the ghost's head. If you need to, you can take a pencil and lightly mark this line for reference. Then, find the same angle on the left side of the oval and mark it lightly.

Next, you will see how to line that score mark up with the groove of the Stampin' Trimmer. (again, I made my marks in pen so you could see them on the photos) Make sure the head of the ghost is to the side of that groove at the top, and the notch of the oval is exactly in the middle of that groove at the bottom. Click on this picture if you need to see it full-size, to see the groove clearly. Lay down the guide of the Stampin' Trimmer, and, using the scoring blade, create a score line. Then, turn the ghost 180 degrees and do the same angle on the other side.

You will then want to add another score line about 1/4" to the outside of each score line you just made. This will give a little depth to the piece, to help it wrap around the chocolate inside. I simply lined up each of the first score lines I made (which you can see marked in black below) with the outside edge of the brown-grey plastic near the groove of the Stampin' Trimmer. Then, turn the ghost 180 degrees and do the same on the other side. If this method freaks you out, then measure and score 1/4" from the original score marks by lining up the original score marks across the 1/4" line on the Stampin' Trimmer. Either way, make sure the second score lines are farther away from the center on each side of the ghost than the first ones.

When you are finished scoring, you will be left with the piece you see below. All that's left to do is decorate it. Our NEW Bite Me photopolymer stamp set includes all the sayings and images you need, to duplicate my sample. Plus, you can see right through the photopolymer of the stamp to see *exactly* where your image is going!

A few tips on decorating:
- Make a few of these out of plain copy paper to get the feel of the cuts and angles, and to test out various designs first.
- Glue the eyes of the ghost on first. You only need one owl template, so you can stick narrow strips of black card stock into the Owl Builder Punch to punch out only the eyes for subsequent ghosts. You can also just draw on the eyes with a black marker if you aren't into glueing small pieces.
- Be careful with your stamped greeting at the bottom, make sure it fits without getting covered up by the ghost's draping "arms" when the piece is closed. Both the Happy Halloween and the Trick or Treat sayings from the Bite Me stamp set will fit perfectly across the bottom, as long as you stamp them as low as they will go across the piece.
- Keep your stamping on the inside of the ghost "arms" confined to the outer edges, where they will not show until the favor is opened.
- Sponging the inside and outside edges of the ghost helps the white-on-white features stand out.
- You don't have to include a closure piece across the front, but it's much easier to stack, store, and hand these out if they are kept closed.
- You can use a punch other than the Ticket Duo Punch for a front closure, if you desire. Remember to only glue down one side permanently, and use a temporary bond for the other side of the punched piece, if you want it to open without ripping.

You can find all the supplies I used to create my ghost (except the ruler and the chocolates!), in my ONLINE STORE. Please check out the item names and numbers at the bottom of my previous post HERE for your shopping convenience.

I must mention that I received some Mini Dark Chocolate Pieces for free from Divine, which is what I used for this project. However, my love of Divine chocolates and my desire to use them in my projects came before I received anything free, and I am receiving no other compensation than a few different samples to design some favors around :-)

Look for Divine™ chocolates at your local natural food store, or buy them online: OR

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  1. So cute Kim! Thanks for sharing the tutorial--I might do it as an extra at my class this week. Thanks again.

  2. Now that's thinking outside of the box...very creative use for those products!

  3. This is just so stinking adorable!!! I love it. Thanks for taking the time to photograph all the steps and sharing this tutorial. I just have to make this.


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