Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ink Pad Labels - Color Collection Labels

With the impending release of the new Stampin' Up! catalog (July 1st, 2011), we'll have 5 new additions to our In Color collection. I made some labels for my ink pads a long time ago...you can see how I use them in the pictures below. Here is the updated file of color labels for the Stampin' Up! 2011-12 Idea Book & Catalog:

Click HERE to download the label sheet (uses Avery 5160 label template).

I print out the labels, then cover them (a sticker maker provides a great thin laminate covering), and then punch each color name out with the Word Window Punch. Then peel and stick the label onto the end of the ink pad...and because of the laminate, you can just wipe the label clean if you smear ink on it! The color names are big and bold so you can easily see them across the table.

There are also some color collection names at the end of the sheet of labels, if you'd like to use them. You may find it handy to print out a second sheet of the color names and use those for the file tabs, containers, or shelves of your card stock. Below you'll see what I did with my In Color ink pads (and any extra pads I have lying around), and there's a basket on top of the two boxes with my acrylic blocks in it.

While I cannot sell you the ink pad rack I have, Stampin' Up! does offer one that rotates 360 degrees like mine, with four columns, each with 12 spaces for ink pads (to hold 48 total), called the Color Caddy. Unlike my behemoth, the Color Caddy only requires a 10" footprint to spin freely, and is about 16-1/2" tall. AND you can purchase an Extender Kit pictured on the right below, which will add 4 columns of 3 spaces each (12 more total), so you can add in all of your In Color ink pads and a few of your favorite Craft ink pads!

~Kimberley Morris
Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator since 1994
Colorado Springs, CO
http://kimberley.stampinup.net (SHOP ONLINE)


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