Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 New In Colors - Color Collection Sampler Cards

Earlier today, I mentioned the new In Colors that you will be able to order from the catalog on July 1st.  As you may already be aware, every year there are 5 trendy colors (hence the name, In Colors) added to our repertoire. These trendy colors stay at least two years, so that the In Colors introduced in 2010 will be retired in 2012, and the new ones we are getting in 2011 will be retired in 2013, and so on. So, starting this year, we will have a selection of 10 In Colors to augment our 40 Core Colors every year :-)

I was trying to create a simple sampler, and ran across a 1/4 sheet system, but wanted something smaller. So, I came up with an eighth-sheet card system for not only the In Colors, but also the Core Color collections. Below is a picture of the all 5 sampler cards, and a shot of just the card featuring the new In Color Collection. Please remember that colors can be difficult to picture accurately on a computer screen [click either pic to see it full-size]:


Click HERE to download Color Collection Cards PDF
(cards only, no colors or product included)

The file above contains three pages. If you are only going to be printing out a set for your own personal use, you can just print out the first page. If you are a demonstrator and are mass producing sets for downline or customer use, you'll find pages 2 and 3 convenient for volume. TIP: Be sure you print these at 100%, which is the same as Page Scaling set to None.

The cards are set to be 4-1/4" wide by 2-3/4" tall, so that you can get 8 equal size cards from a letter sized sheet of card stock. I punched card stock using the Small Heart Punch, and it fits perfectly in each section! You can punch a hole in the top corner of each and put them all on a ring. And at this size, you can add them to the back of your Color Coach cards (which already include a ring). I want to stress that the Color Coach is an amazing tool for coordination, color comparison, and color combination, and the cards I've made have a different purpose--they display "real-life" product samples.

~Kimberley Morris
Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator since 1994
Colorado Springs, CO (SHOP ONLINE)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. My customers will love these!

  2. Kimberley, Thanks for sharing this tool. I arranged my colors in the color coach by color wheel, not in color collections, so this tool will be valuable when someone wants to know which "group" a particular color is in. I will plan to make one soon.

  3. Thank you so much for creating and sharing your color card. This will be a nice gift at my next downline meeting.


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