Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Need a Shower.

Okay, so add to the list of recent challenges: water heater broke last night, I guess right around or just after dinner. We are currently renting, and as such, gratefully do NOT have to pay the ginormous bill for replacement--but we do have to wait until sometime tomorrow to get a new water heater installed. Gross, I need a shower. Sadly, both my kids need one worse than I.

So, we're off to partially fill a tub with cold water, use the tea kettle to add hot water until it's reasonably warm, then bathe and drain...times THREE...until Blake gets home, then it may be done a fourth time. In fact, I'll insist on a fourth time. I don't care if he's a grown man, he's taking a bath cuz I said! Yeah, this is bordering on TMI (too much information) but I figured it might provide you some amusement, since it's not affecting you!

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  1. LOL, this post brought back so many memories of a time when my husband and I were renting. We moved into a house that did not have city water but a well. Something was wrong with the pump so the landlords had some plumber come out and was digging and they caved the well in. We had NO water for a week! Our neighbor was gracious enough to let us fill jugs of water from her garden hose so I was running it through the coffee pot to heat it up faster just to take baths. None of it was funny at the time but looking back, I do have to chuckle.

    P.S. I would've done it on the stove but since we just moved in, our stove wasn't delivered yet.

  2. Yes, I apparently overloaded our electric tea pot and burned it out last night trying to help warm the water it turned out to be just pots and pots from the stove. But at least we have had WATER the whole time--I can't imagine having to tote the water in on top of having to heat it! I am SOOOO grateful to have clean, running water!!!


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