Saturday, November 22, 2008

Subscribing to My Blog with EMAIL UPDATES!

I had thought that I had enabled email subscriptions to updates on my blog a long time ago, but found out this morning that I apparently had never completed that process!

If you would like to subscribe to my blog, you can find the options for either subscribing in a READER, or via EMAIL UPDATES on the right sidebar of my blog. Look under the heading Contact Info & Important Links. You may also click on the links in this post, for your convenience.

Just as an FYI, a blog Reader is like a blog update Inbox. You can read all the new blog entries in a separate application, or on a web page you log into, as with Google Reader. If you subscribe to a blog via Email Updates, you will get a message in your email Inbox every time a new blog entry is posted.

You can choose either method, according to your preference. If you like getting notification of everything in your email Inbox, you might prefer Email Updates. If you subscribe to a lot of blogs, and you like the idea of keeping them separate from regular email messages in your Inbox, then you might prefer subscribing through a reader.

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