Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Décor Elements: An Exciting New Product Line

Here's the juicy tidbits: Stampin' Up!® has introduced a new line of products, called Décor Elements, which customers can begin ordering on July 1st, 2008!


Décor Elements is a line of self-adhesive vinyl wall decorations, which can instantly transform any space, with little to no prep time, without the use of special tools, permanent adhesives, or chemical solutions. Décor Elements provide that instant redecorating adrenaline you've been waiting for!

During Phase One, beginning July 1st, Stampin' Up!® will have 100 designs available for purchase. Many of these designs will come in a larger (wall) size, and a smaller (home decor piece) size, and will be available in your choice of white or chocolate color. One design will be available only in chocolate, and Kraft brown (think paper lunch sack color). The designs will include an alphabet, artistic images, and phrases, and will coordinate with Stampin' Up!®'s rubber stamping and scrapbooking art styles.

Stay tuned for application directions, and FAQs on this new product!
UPDATE: Click HERE to download the Décor Elements catalog, click HERE to see a sample of Décor Elements applied to my wall, click HERE for written application instructions, and click HERE for a video tutorial on Décor Elements application.

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