Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Come eScape with Me--Right Now!!!

Today is the first annual celebration of the Stampin' Up!® eScape event! Please click HERE to read more about it.

In honor of eScape Day, I am posting the pattern and instructions for a stationery box with 8 coordinating cards, as pictured above. Directions are also included for decorating 8 coordinating envelopes, which are not shown in the picture above. These cards are great to make and keep on hand for mailing and keeping in touch with friends and relatives, or to make and give away as a gift in their coordinating box!

Click HERE to download the pattern & instructions for making the Box & Card Octet.

I hope you enjoy eScape Day, and that you will take the opportunity to brighten someone else's life by sharing a hand-stamped card with them! I'd love to get comments from you, to hear how you are spending your eScape Day.


  1. Thanks Kimberly for the download. This is an adorable box and card set.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to prepare such a well organized and logically flowing document. Your written instructions are easy to follow and will give me the confidence to replicate your design.

    In addition, I want to express my appreciation for sharing your design for free. There seems to be quite a feeding frenzy amongst a few demonstrators to 'sell, sell, sell'. Hopefully, you will not see your design offered as a kit for demonstrators to purchase on someone else's blog in the near future.

    Have a wonderful day. May blessings surround you and your 'sweetie'.


  3. This is a great project! Thanks for taking the time to put this together and for sharing it with all of us. You're the best!
    Kristi K.


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