Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Late Night Stampers (LNS) 2013 Fall Treasure Hunt

I think this is the third Late Night Stampers (LNS) Treasure Hunt I have participated in. For those of you who are new to this, there is a list of participating blogs you will find at the end of this post, below my signature block. You basically collect a clue from at least 50 of the blogs, and turn in your answers to enter. The prize is FREE STAMPIN' UP! PRODUCT!!! The Grand Prize for a US winner is $150+ (as of 9/30/13), and I am also offering my own personal Procrastistamper Blog Candy Contest--see below for more details. Now, the Treasure Hunt post may not be the first post you see on a Participating Blog--that's why it's called a "hunt" ;-) But, you will know you have found the right post on the participating blog when you see this picture:

Once you've found that LNS 2013 Fall Treasure Hunt picture, you'll look a little further in the blog post to find the clue. Jot down the clue, and the blog it came from, and then go find the next one. Easy, right? One caveat: because our LNS 2013 Fall Treasure Hunt has just started, we don't quite have 50 participating blogs yet. No worries, our besties will join us soon. In the meantime, you may want to Subscribe to my Blog by Email to make sure you don't miss any notifications when new blogs are added!


Stampin' Up! currently offers three Thinlits products: the Label Card Thinlits, the Circle Card Thinlits, and the Expressions Thinlits. You'll want to stay tuned to my blog to see all the fun Thinlits sample cards and projects I have planned for you, throughout the LNS 2013 Fall Treasure Hunt. If you Subscribe to my Blog to get email updates, you won't miss any of them!

1) Leave a comment on this post, by 11:59pm MT on October 25, 2013, with your first name, last initial and email address (spelled out, like: procrastistamper at gmail dot com). Winners will be drawn no later than October 31, 2013, after which time, all comments on this post will be hidden/deleted to help protect your privacy.
2) You must indicate whether you are a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, or a Stampin' Up! Fan/Customer, in your comment. Winning Blog Candy items will be chosen with this in mind.
3) Your comment must include something about Stampin' Up!'s Thinlits, such as, "I am excited to see Stampin' Up!'s NEW Thinlits in action!" or "I'm planning on using Stampin' Up!'s Expressions Thinlits on my holiday cards!" Try to be original, it's much more entertaining that way ;-)
4) One comment per email address/person, please only enter if your mailing address to receive the winning Blog Candy is in the United States (or APO/FPO address). If you are in another country, I am happy to gift your winning Blog Candy to a US address on your behalf :-)
5) Comments are moderated, they may take a short while to show up. Please leave your comment once, and check back to ensure it is posted. If it has not posted within 24 hours, it was likely deleted because it did not meet the requirements outlined in these rules. Please try again :-)
6) You have FOUR CHANCES TO WIN! ONE Grand Prize Blog Candy winner will be chosen, and also, the first THREE entrants who email me a correct list of 50 clues/blogs for the LNS 2013 Fall Treasure Hunt, will win smaller Blog Candy prizes.
7) There is no obligation, commitment, or purchase required to enter my Procrastistamper Blog Candy Giveaway. However, if you would like to opt into my Customer Newsletter mailing list, you are welcome to sign up using the Subscribe Now button you'll find on the right sidebar of my blog.

SAMPLE QUALIFYING COMMENT: I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator in the US, and I subscribed to your blog so I don't miss any of the great Thinlits samples you are going to post! Kimberley M. at procrastistamper at gmail dot com. (If your comment does not include all the elements laid out in the rules, such as the sample comment above, it will not be posted/entered in my Procrastistamper Blog Candy Contest...so take care with it!)

1) Go to the list of Participating Blogs, under my signature block in this post.
2) Visit at least 50 of the blogs listed...if there are not 50 listed, check back as we are still in the process of adding new participants. (Subscribe to my Blog if you'd like to get my posts in email, to stay on top of these additions!)
3) Find the LNS Fall Treasure Hunt graphic on each blog. That's the blue one I've used near the top of this post!
4) Collect a clue from each of 50 different Participating Blogs, and create a list naming each clue along with the blog where you found it (i.e., Thinlits at http://procrastistamper.blogspot.com).
5) Email me your list of at least 50 clues/blogs at procrastistamper@gmail.com, in any of these formats: text, MS Word, Excel, or PDF.
6) The LNS 2013 Fall Treasure Hunt runs from Tuesday, August 20th to Friday, October 25th 2013, at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be drawn on October 28, 2013, and I will post the winners on my blog as soon as possible thereafter.
7) Each country/region that Stampin' Up! services will offer its own prize(s). If you cannot find the prize listed on a blog from your country, please check the Ambassador for your country, indicated by an asterisk after their name, in the Participating Blog list below.
8) There is no obligation, commitment, or purchase required to enter the LNS Fall 2013 Treasure Hunt. However, if you would like to opt into my Customer Newsletter mailing list, you are welcome to sign up using the Subscribe Now button you'll find on the right sidebar of my blog.
TIP: You can get an entry for *every* list you send to each different Participating Blog...send your list to all 50 of the blogs you find clues on, and get 50 entries for the Grand Prize!

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Carolyn Bennett* www.carolynstamps.com US
Jody Brechbill www.jodybrechbillstampinqueen.com US
Brenda Cook http://www.cardscraps.com US
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