Friday, March 1, 2013

A Short Pause to Ink Up!

Just a quick departure from our regularly scheduled programming, to bring you some information about Stampin' Up! Classic Stampin' Pads. Stampin' Up! came up with something new for the 2012-2013 Annual Catalog, called the Firm Foam Stampin' Pad. This ink pad features Stampin' Up! Classic ink, in a full-sized firm foam opposed to the old linen covered felt pads.

MY CLUE - Classic Stampin' Pad

The new Firm Foam Classic Stampin' Pads Provide better ink coverage for your stamps, and only require a light-tap to produce flawless images! The new Classic Stampin' Pads create wonderfully solid images, as the Firm Foam releases more ink onto your rubber stamp than the felt pads. When using the Firm Foam pad, your stamp will get an even, solid covering of ink that you may not have been able to achieve with the felt pads. If you are using the ink pad frequently you may need to re-ink your Firm Foam pad more often, but it does take less to reink it than a felt pad.

Each full-size ink pad features a crisply printed, glossy label on the top of the pad that is easier to read and that will not fade or chip off! There are labels for four languages (English, Spanish, French, and German)--just choose your language, peel it off the back, and add it to the front of the pad for easy identification! The new Firm Foam Classic Stampin' Pads use the same patented flip-top case design that stores the inking surface upside down, so the pad surface stays moist, and they are available in all colors, including our exclusive In Colors!

Five ink colors have undergone formula changes to improve functionality and color stability with the new firm foam pads. These colors are: Basic Black, Basic Gray, Marina Mist, Perfect Plum, and Tempting Turquoise. All five colors of the reformulated inks have been fully tested and approved. While using the new ink formula in the old Classic Stampin' Pads is fine, do not use the old ink formula for these five colors in the new firm foam pads. Any refills purchased after April 30, 2012, will contain the new formulated ink.

If you are participating in the Late Night Stampers Spring 2013 Treasure Hunt, my clue is: Classic Stampin' Pads. Anyone can participate, and you can win your choice of over $150 worth of Stampin' Up! go ahead and check out the instructions and blog list below my signature block :-)

~Kimberley Morris
Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator since 1994
Colorado Springs, CO (SHOP ONLINE)

1) Visit each of the blogs listed below (it’s always nice to leave a comment!).
2) Look for a post on the participating blog with the picture of the Stampin' Up! box, like the one in the yellow photo above my signature block.
3) Make a note of what the clue is for that blog/post, and be sure to list it next to the name of the blog.
4) Find at least 50 clues (you may need to come back as more participating blogs are added).
5) Once you’ve collected 50 clues, email your list to me at, and remember: you need to list not only the blog address, but also the name of the clue at that blog!

You have from Friday, March 1st through Sunday, May 12th (Mother's Day!) to collect 50 clues and email them to me, to be entered into the contest!

Late Night Stampers Spring 2013 Treasure Hunt Blogs:

Angela Carter                                
Lisa Kmiec                                      
Jane Hignite                                  
Deborah Smart                            
Penny Hanuszak                          
Kimberley Morris                       
Trish Cortez                                
Beth Robinson                           
Rhonda Gabriele                      
Jackie Watson                          
Cynthia Millan                        
June Reister                             
Debbie Broughton                  
Joni Metras                              
Laurie Reaume                       
Sherrill Graff                            
Nicole  Tugrul                          
Shelly Peck                               
Megin  Gallagher                    
Marcee Rodgers                      
Karen Philipp                           
Kris Sobolik                               
Heidi Weaver                           
Carolyn Bennett                    
Betty-Ann Manghi                  
Jan Schoenfeld                       
Glenda Mollet                         
Kat Zariengo                            
Katherine Roberts                  
Bev Farmer                             
Tanya Stottlemire                    
Ligeia Baird                            
Carolyn Rakowski                  
Danielle Calder                       
Jaye Catalano                         
Lesley Lendon                         
Lori Ann Rogers                      
Vanessa A. Terrell                  
Dawn Johnson                        
Melissa Banbury                      
Janet Yates                             
Cathy Parlitsis                        
Laura Camacho        
Lori Sinden                             
Kit Gosha                              
Beatriz Redd                         
Cynthia Simpson                   
Jayne Stenstrom                   
Kelli Lichtenberg                   
Julie Fields                            
SuZan Brown                        
Lauren Huntley                      
Siara Acdal                           
Tonawanda Yost                  
Wendy Cranford                   


  1. I always love checking out your art work - you are very talented! Just browsing the fellow Treasure Hunt bloggers sites :) Have a great day!

  2. Thank you, Kris! I love your work, too :-D

  3. What a wonderful clue Kimberly! I don't know what I would ever do without my Classic Stampin' Pads!

  4. Ahoy Matey!

    Thanks for the fun hop. I just sent you my list.


  5. Stopping by while doing the treasure hunt. Thanks for the tips on pom-poms.
    Bev Farmer


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