Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Since it's Christmas Eve, I don't typically get much of a nod for my birthday (except from immediate family and close friends) because everyone's too busy with other holiday plans. When I was little, I got about 20 minutes for my birthday in the evening, then our family would open all the presents under the tree. Our Santa presents were the only thing we'd open on Christmas morning. My mom always made sure that I had a special birthday cake, and that no one tried to slip me a birthday present wrapped in holiday paper!

When I had kids, I changed the tradition, cuz I'm a grownup and I'm allowed to do that sort of thing! Now, I give my kids a new set of PJ's as a gift on Christmas Eve, and they wear them to bed. Then, on Christmas morning, with the kids all nestled under the tree in their new PJ's, we open all our gifts. Even though my kids are teenagers now, they still seem to look forward to the PJ's. I always try to find something holiday themed for them. For my birthday "cake" these days, we have a dinner of waffles with strawberries and whipped topping, and usually some bacon to round it out.

I thought it might be fun to see which "famous" people were born on my birthday:
  • 1809 Kit Carson
  • 1880 Johnny Gruelle (best known as creator of Raggedy Ann)
  • 1905 Howard Hughes
  • 1922 Ava Gardner
  • 1929 Mary Higgins Clark
  • 1968 ME, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! (yeah, I'm so famous...hahaha...)
  • 1971 Ricky Martin
  • 1974 Ryan Seacrest (ew.)

By the way, for those of you who might need help with the math, I'm celebrating the second anniversary of my 39th birthday this year :-D

If you want to check out your birthday, take a quick peek HERE. This is a nice site because it doesn't have a lot of graphically intense's mostly just plain text. Wow, I love that.

Anyway, don't forget to put out your Reindeer Food tonight! If you missed the recipe, click HERE and read through the blog post. You can find Snowman Poop and Snowman Soup in there, too :-)

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