Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sock Monkey Pattern...the real thing!

Okay, I have discovered that a large portion of the population is currently puzzled at my adoration for my new Sock Monkey preorder stamp set. My 15 year old son summed it up quite indelicately by asking, what the {bleep} is that thing!? At first, I made this cute card, in an effort to convince the skeptics that they NEED to have their very own Sock Monkey stamp set...once the new catalog comes out on August 11th! Then, I realized that perhaps some background on Sock Monkey origins might be helpful and appropriate.

Sock Monkey is a stuffed animal, patterned from one pair of Rockford Red Heel® Socks, which you can view and/or purchase HERE. Currently, the socks come in traditional Brown Heather, or you can get them in blue (great for Patriotic Sock Monkeys, according this AD). The pattern for the Sock Monkey stuffed animal apparently originated sometime in or before 1953, when pairs of Rockford Red Heel® Socks ALL began shipping with the sewing instructions!

To see a vintage set of instructions, click HERE. Contemporary instructions may be found HERE. If you check out the instructions, you'll see that Sock Monkey has a coordinating friend, Sock Elephant. And a book to make over 50 sock animals, sock animal clothing, and other toys can be found HERE. If you love Sock Monkey, but aren't into sewing, check out the Sock Monkey Lady® for custom merchandise and gifts!

Will we perhaps see a Sock Elephant stamp set coming out in the future?? I'm not holding my breath...but I would be excited to see a Sock Monkey accessory stamp set to expand his repertoire!


  1. Well, I must admit...I had a Sock Monkey growing up in the early 70s.
    I remember him really well...right down to the chewed on hand. I think you did an excellent job coloring him.

  2. Thanks for researching the history of the sock monkey. I love him!


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