Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Roxy Blox Rocks!

I ordered the stamp set Many Happy Returns as soon as the new catalog came out. You can see how the set arrives from Stampin' Up!®, below. It is in a plastic case, with the rubber images, index stickers and wooden blocks. But there are only 3 wooden mount 33 images onto! The idea is that you can use a marker to isolate and ink up individual sayings, and keeping the number of wood blocks to 3 keeps the price of the set down.

Being an "I want more" kind of gal, and generally too lazy to get a marker out just to color one line, I set out looking for a set of smaller blocks to mount the individual images onto. I found one place that offered 17 blocks for $12 for double-mounting the images, and I figured that might work. I ordered two sets, (one for me and one for my mom). But, when I got the blocks, an incredible number of them had burn marks, cutting marks (that looked like red paint or crayon), and needed sanding. One of the blocks still had a price sticker stuck on it from the store where the "dowel" had been purchased. And I couldn't tell from the pictures before I purchased them, but the wood was a flat block, with no "comfort" grooves. I was less than pleased.

Then I found Roxy Blox (product pictured below)...blocks made by another demonstrator's husband, in Canada. For only $8 US dollars, I got 33 blocks to individually mount each saying (or decorative line image), and the blocks are just AWESOME. I ordered two sets again, and even though I'd be getting double the amount of wood blocks and adding shipping from Canada, I spent less than I did on the first round of unsatisfactory blocks!

Roxy Blox currently offers individual wood blocks for the following Stampin' Up!® sets:

• Many Happy Returns
• Happiness (background stamp)
• Tres Chic (background stamp)
• Large Alphabet sets (Big Deal, Jumbo Outline, etc.)
• Define Your Life
• All in a Row
• Lots of Thoughts (2008 Sale-A-Bration set)
• A Little Bit of Happiness--Level 1 Hostess Set, 2008 Spring-Summer Collection
• So Many Sayings--Level 1 Hostess Set, 2007 Fall-Winter Collection

You can also choose any other set in the catalog you would like to split out into individual blocks, and to date, Roxy Blox has been able to accommodate ALL such special orders.

Check out the ordering details on this page. I heartily recommend choosing Roxy Blox for all your auxilliary stampin' wood mount needs!

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