Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here, Kitty Kitty...

So I got a nice big box of stamps today...most of them were Workshop orders, but a few new things for me! I've been waiting on them so I could post some samples for my classes, and for the upcoming Occasions Mini catalog, which becomes active on March 1st! I didn't order the stamp set Here, Kitty Kitty but now I'm thinking it would have been very appropriate.

Anyway, the boxes come from Stampin' Up! filled with some nice brown packing paper that I like to keep for repacking my own boxes, and even to stamp on sometimes. But, my kitty cat has other plans for this particular bundle of paper. Oh don't be fooled, he has stamping on the brain, too...he's perched on my bed facing my stamp table so he can keep an eye on me while I put my new stamp sets together.

His name is Sneakers, and he'll be nine years old on July 5th (or is it 6th?), but if you take out a qtip or his toy mouse, he'll play like a kitten. I'm not sure why he's so attracted to the paper, but he does this same thing with brown paper bags, and plastic bags from the store. (I never let him play with the plastic ones when I'm not standing right there, though, because I'm afraid he'll wrap himself up in them and get choked or smothered.) Everyone needs a stampin' kitty--they're awesome :-)


  1. Love your Stampin' Kitty -- Mine is named Trevor and a Beautiful Black cat also! Maybe it's something about black cats and stamping that go together? :-D
    Deb M

  2. Sneakers looks really serious with his dark black brow! He's a big kitty too it looks like!


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