Monday, December 3, 2007

More Ornamentation

This nifty Advent Garland is made from Designer Series Paper (DSP), folded into what's known as a sour cream container shape. I made mine from 3" x 4" swatches of DSP, and tucked a Hershey Nugget into each one. Then I used elastic cord to string the containers together--24 in all--to count down to Christmas. Remember, if you hang it from a wall, you will want #1 to be at the bottom, so you can take the containers off one by one from that end of the garland. I "cheated" a little bit and used my Cricut to die cut 1" numbers from the DSP, and ran them through a Xyron adhesive cartridge to make the assembly fast and easy!

First, crease your paper against the side of your table to break the fibers a little, and give it a curve.

Then, put adhesive across one of the shorter sides. On each of the longer sides, place adhesive from the center out to the opposite short end, as shown below by the grey lines.

After that, carefully roll your paper to overlap, and adhere only the two shorter sides together, to make a tube. I like to take a bone folder and press on this seam from the inside of the tube to strengthen it.

Then, check your adhesive on each end and pinch one side closed, with the tube seam in the middle, as shown below. Make sure the end you choose to close first has adhesive running across the entire length of it, or the ends will not stay closed when you pinch them shut!

Place your treat inside open end, which you can see in the photo below on the left. Then seal the open end, this time with the seam of the tube at one extreme side of where you pinch it closed, as shown below on the right.

You can see the shape you should end up with in the picture below on the left. Then, crimp each end of the container closed, as shown below on the right, to strengthen the hold.

Below is the sealed sour cream container, with the treat inside! To make your Advent Garland, just place numbers on each container and string them together. These make great party favors at each place setting, and cute stocking stuffer packaging, too.

TIP: When you are deciding what size to make your container to accommodate your treat, you will want to use scratch paper to figure out the dimensions by trial and error.

Stampin' Supplies: Holiday Harmony Designer Series Paper, SNAIL Adhesive, Bone Folder, 1/16" hole punch, Gold elastic cord, Crimper.

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  1. I love this idea, I've made the sour cream containers for years but who would have thought as an advent countdown! I think I'll have to do one of these this weekend. TFS



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