Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Catchup: The Paper Christmas Tree

Okay, so the last 6 weeks months or so have been a bit challenging for me...for various reasons. We actually put off our Christmas celebration for a week, making New Year's Day our Christmas morning! Because of all the "stuff" going on, I didn't get any Christmas decorations up. That was really hard for me, because I *love* all the lights and shinies :-) Unfortunately, all I could think about was the energy needed to take it all out, put it all up, then take it all down and put it away afterward. But as New Year's Eve arrived, I could not stand the thought of celebrating our Christmas without at least a tree, so I created this for a little space we had on our dining room wall:

This was totally ad libbed, so I have no measurements for you, other than to say that I used 12"x12" card stock (happened to be textured) and cut it into 1-1/2" strips. Actually, the very tip top part was cut into a tall triangle first, then cut to 1-1/2" strips. The rest of the strips were just cut to different sizes and then I cut the angles at the outside edges freehand. If you want all the angles to be the same, without the bother of measuring, just use the first one that you cut as a pattern for what to cut away on the rest of them. (lay the cut end over the uncut end, then cut away what doesn't belong)

I was gonna make it taller, but I was getting over being sick, so I just couldn't muster the energy. You can see how the spaces between the rows kept getting bigger--LOL! For the lights, I used battery powered tea lights. I ran some Linen Thread through some holes in the battery cover on the bottom, and tied a knot to create a loop for hanging over a pushpin. That way, I could get to the on/off switch for each tea light easily, plus they are easy to take down and reuse later.

Again, laziness prompted this idea, but it's been pointed out that this would be an excellent solution where space is tight...especially in an apartment or studio. If you used a temporary adhesive that would stick to the wall and not mar, and which also removes from the back of the project easily, you could definitely save the card stock strips from one year to the next. But I think I only used maybe 4 sheets of 12"x12" card stock total, so it should be a fairly inexpensive do-over even if you can't salvage the card stock.

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