Monday, April 15, 2013

More $$$ for FREE - Hostess or Join!

Didn't you LOVE the FREE Shipping promotion??? How would you like to get more money to spend on Stampin’ Up! products? Now you CAN!!! Between April 15 and May 30 Stampin' Up! has two ways for you to earn more Stampin' Up! "money", which means more FREE products for you!

METHOD 1: HOST a Party* totaling $350 and earn an additional $30 in FREE products!

METHOD 2: JOIN Stampin' Up! and choose an extra $30 of product in your Starter Kit!

*Now, before you get all panicky over the thought of cleaning your house and having people over as a HOST, I have two other options you can choose from: you are welcome to Have a Party At My Place* (in Colorado Springs), or you can HOST a Virtual Party with Me (we'll do it ALL online)! And with EITHER option, you can use Stampin' Up!'s new Hostess Code to gather orders from friends and family who are NOT local, and include those orders in your Party! (their order will be shipped immediately and directly to them them) WOW, I love the new Hostess Code! And to sweeten the deal, with EITHER option, I will provide links to your Workshop Video--so everyone you want to invite, can see ALL the demonstrations associated with your Party :-) When you have a Virtual Party, you'll still have to do a little work, like helping me pick the projects we'll make, and getting your invitation list to me so we can share the video links, but that should be a breeze.

When you Have a Party At My Place, or at your place, you and your guests actually get to MAKE projects for FREE and TAKE them home with you! We call those "Make & Takes". Local hands-on parties are usually much more successful at interesting new people in stamping, because they get to experience how fun and easy it is to actually use the product. So, I would heartily encourage you to incorporate the physical Party into your Hosting plan...but you are free to have a totally Virtual Party if that suits you best :-)

The JOIN option is a super simple decision and online checkout. Read below to find out a little more about the perks when you Become a Demonstrator, then feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns :-)

Perks when you Become a Demonstrator:
- Get $30 more to spend on your Starter Kit product (Apr 15-May30)
- Discount/commission of 30% on your first qualifying order within 45 days
- Ongoing discount/commission of at least 20% on all subsequent catalog product orders
- Qualify for discount/commission up to 40% in any given month
- Qualify for downline overrides on your group, up to 6.5%, up to 5 levels deep
- Your orders can qualify as tax deductions, for further savings!
- Access to demonstrator-only training and sample galleries
- A full-color stamping magazine every other month
- MEMBERSHIP IN MY GROUP, the procrastistampers!!!
(you'll receive a Welcome Package exclusively from me, with a few things to help you get started, as well as membership on my group email list, to keep you up to date with crafting inspiration, and everything going on in the Stampin' Up! world...directly in your Inbox.)

I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for over 18 years, so I am a HUGE RESOURCE for any of your needs, whether they are paper crafting, digital design, or business related. I am also very tech savvy and can help you in that area if you need it. Plus, I have had a variety of life experiences, including having kids, being divorced, dealing with a new blended family, challenges with chronic illnesses, challenges with my cats (grrrrrr, sometimes), very well read on self-help and personal development, and I have just plain learned a LOT OF STUFF while hanging out on this spinning rock we call Earth! Chances are, if you have a question, I have an answer...or know exactly where to help you find it!

It's super easy to Become a Demonstrator, just CLICK HERE to JOIN. You will want to have information like your social security number, the debit or credit card you will use to pay for your Starter Kit, and you'll want to browse your catalogs or my ONLINE STORE and take down the item numbers for the product you want in your Starter Kit. You'll want your product list handy, so you can easily enter that in one sitting, and don't get "timed out" of the Starter Kit ordering page and have to start over.

It's all good--contact me to HOST your Party, or JOIN my Stampin' Up! team today, for MORE STAMPIN' $$$!!!

~Kimberley Morris Colorado Springs, CO
Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator since 1994 (SHOP ONLINE 24/7!)  
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