Thursday, June 7, 2012

Organize Your Creative Space with Simplify 101

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Do you have too much stuff in your way when you sit down to create? Do you have to rifle through loads of supplies and embellishments you no longer need, love, or want, before you can find the supplies you'd LIKE to work with? Do you find yourself walking across the room back and forth, or even up and down stairs, regularly throughout your creative process? Are you yearning for a creative space with character that reflects your unique style and taste? If you answered 'yes' to any (or especially all) of these questions, then the Organize Your Creative Space Online Workshop may be of benefit to you.

Aby at Simplify 101 is an expert at walking you through the process of creating spaces and systems that work for YOU. Through the special members-only workshop forum, Aby not only shares her organizing and creative expertise, she also addresses the emotions that can come up and prevent us from carrying through with our best laid decluttering and organizing plans! If you have ever tried to organize a pile of memorabilia, you know how easy it can be to get side tracked. Aby posts a daily check-in thread in the forum, to help you think about your organizing plans for the day, so you can get help in identifying the issues specific to you and your space, get help dealing with those challenges (both tangible resources as well as emotional blocks), and report your plans and completed tasks, to help keep you moving forward and making incremental progress. For someone like me, who tends to be all or nothing, this is extremely important. I can go back through these check-ins and see that I AM making progress, and that inspires me to keep going.

Your fellow workshop participants are always awesome--everyone is very welcoming, and so helpful in adding their suggestions and advice, in addition to Aby's expertise. Think of organizing your creative space can seem like a daunting task. Then think about undertaking that task with the support of maybe 75 other people, in addition to daily interaction with an organizational expert. If you think this might be helpful, please go check out the Simplify 101 Organize Your Creative Space Workshop.

SAMPLE IT FREE FOR ONE WEEK! You will find details on the Organize Your Creative Space Workshop Page, on how you can sample the workshop for FREE through Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 9:00PM US CST!!! Just click on the link you see after the bold, red words that say: Want to take a peek inside the live workshop and see how it works?

~Kimberley Morris
Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator since 1994
Colorado Springs, CO (SHOP ONLINE)

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