Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's all very moving...

...or about to BE moved, anyway. My stamping area has taken up tables along the sides of 3 walls in our Master Bedroom for quite some time now. The photo above is a picture of one corner. All my stamp stuff used to be in the basement, but between my son and Blake's two boys, we needed the space for beds. Well, now that Blake's boys have created enough disturbance that they aren't coming over anymore, we've moved the beds back out. Our office will be going back downstairs, just in time for me to stay cool while I'm stamping this summer--yippee!!! Right now, most of my stamp stuff is still upstairs, but all my letter sized card stock is already downstairs. Yes, I can definitely use the exercise, but going up and down two sets of stairs each time I want different colored paper is not fun. How spoiled am I?

Anyway, I haven't been creating a whole lot of new stuff lately, due to the disarray. But I did find a bunch of pictures of scrapbook pages I made from a Simply Scrappin' Kit last year. The kit was called Just Delightful, and it had a coordinating stamp set called Delight in Life. In honor of May being National Scrapbooking Month, I'll get those posted here. Even though the kit and stamp set are no longer available, hopefully this will give you some inspiration. The templates I used to create these pages are available HERE.

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