Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I really hate blogs...

...but I do have a big mouth and I like to write. I don't like reading other people's blogs, so my feelings won't be hurt if you don't read mine!

So, here's my exciting news for the day: it looks like I'll be going to Australia soon!!! Okay, so it's only a picture of me that will be going, but I'll take what I can get. I'm a Stampin' Up!® Independent Demonstrator, and have been for over 12 years. I got an email on Monday from the company, looking for pictures of Demonstrators with one of the co-founders, from the early years. Even though I started with SU! in 1994, I didn't go to any conventions until 1997. But I shared my picture anyway, and was told it's going to be used during a stage presentation by one of the co-founders (Shelli Gardner, she's on the left) during the first-ever SU! Convention in Australia.

By the way, the other co-founder, on my right, is Shelli's sister, LaVonne Crosby. LaVonne decided to focus her energies on another business around 1998, I think it was. This picture is from the 1997 SU! Convention, which was the last one where the employees dressed up in costume! I guess once they got a male CEO, all that was considered "girl stuff" and "unprofessional"...whatever. It was sure fun to watch :-)


  1. It is interesting. SU always refers to Shelli as the co-founder, but LaVonne's name is never mentioned. I wonder if the parting was on good terms, or not?

  2. I think it was what LaVonne wanted--I think she could come back at any time and have a big part in it, but I get the feeling LaVonne is doing what she wants with her life :-) And my impression was that she still owns a significant portion of the company...but I could be wrong.

    Here is a recent post from Shelli's blog about a party at her sister's place:

    Shelli and LaVonne look pretty happy together in their picture (top right corner of the family picture montage).


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