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Updated November 18, 2013

My Digital Studio, also known as MDS, is software for digital designing, available for WIN as well as MAC systems. You may also see references to this software as "MDS", "MDS2" or "MDS2+". The software functions through adding elements on layers of your project, similar to many other graphics programs.

My Digital Studio features Stampin' Up! exclusive artwork and designs, as well as Stampin' Up!'s color collections--past and present. The software includes access to Stampin' Up!'s Professional Print Services, which enables you to print out digital products which can then be embellished using physical product you may already own, or which you might purchase to coordinate. You may also print at home, but please be aware Stampin' Up! does not provide technical support for any specific printers. In addition, color quality, accuracy, and coordination with Stampin' Up! physical product may vary from printer to printer, and setting to setting, which makes the Professional Print Service access a fantastic built-in feature! Stampin' Up!'s Professional Print Service offers many different types and sizes of products, including foldover cards, trifold cards, postcards, shaped cards, pages, albums (hard and soft cover),  swatchbooks, calendars, and more.

You will find SVG art in the program content (all punches, and many of the stamps), and in many of the add-on downloads, which you may be able to use offline with an e-cutter (such as the Sizzix eClips, or Silhouette Cameo). Please be aware that Stampin' Up! does not support any e-cutter at this time, so you will need to contact the manufacturer of your e-cutter product for any necessary software or support for that functionality with your particular product.

NOTE: If your My Digital Studio software predates August 1, 2012, it is considered the "Original My Digital Studio" software. The software has changed so much since the original release that it has essentially become a new program, so you will want to purchase the current program version. However, please do NOT uninstall your original program, or install the new one (trial or otherwise), before you contact me. When you purchase your paid version of My Digital Studio through me, I offer support in walking you through saving Original MDS content you will be able to use in the current program.

FREE 30-Day Trial My Digital Studio* (available by download only)
This trial version software includes all of the functionality of the paid version, but only a sample of select content (see link below). *Before you download this free trial, please consider whether you might just like to purchase the full program--it's only $19.95 and that includes lifetime licenses for the program to be installed on any two of your computers at any given time, with over $500 of content that you will be able to access forever.

My Digital Studio Disc (disc version, will incur shipping charges) $19.95
Choose this version if you like to have disc versions of your programs to use for backup and reinstallation, and/or you do not have the bandwidth to download the online version.

My Digital Studio Download (download version, no shipping charges) $19.95
Choose this version if you don't mind downloading your programs. The program will always remain in your downloads queue so you can download it again if needed later, and you download an actual installation file that you can backup on your own computer if you need it. Because no physical product is being shipped to you with this version, there are no shipping charges!

Digital Download Lists:
I have kept track of the individual digital downloads and content that Stampin' Up! has offered outside the My Digital Studio program. Shortly after the release of the Original My Digital Studio in 2009, Stampin' Up! began releasing individual digital downloads of the content that was available in the program. If you purchased the Original My Digital Studio, you have access to this content with the installation of the Original My Digital Studio software. These downloads are marked on my lists as DWNLD. All the remaining separate content Stampin' Up! has released is marked on my PDF list as DWNLDA.


Stampin' Up!'s digital downloads are available as installation files for My Digital Studio use, or for use in any program that supports layers, and .JPG and .PNG files such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Jasc Paint Shop Pro (PSP), Microsoft Digital Image Pro (DIP), Ulead Photo Impact (PI), Corel Draw. However, please note that My Digital Studio designer templates are exclusive to My Digital Studio and are not compatible with other programs. And while you can use the .SVG punch and stamp files in any program that supports them, My Digital Studio supports full functionality of features like: Paper Fill inside a punch shape, Photo Fill inside a punch shape, Text Fill inside a punch shape, Color Fill inside a punch shape, and Brush Coloring of .SVG stamp images. Seriously, My Digital Studio is a steal at only $19.95 for a lifetime license, and access to all these fun features ;-)

For your convenience, I maintain a list in PDF form, of all the downloads currently available for purchase. I also maintain an extended list in Excel format, which includes tabs denoting limited edition and special content--some of which is currently available, though most is retired.

(There are no content images in these files--to see the image content for each download, please enter the download item number in my ONLINE STORE, in the Search field above the shopping categories on the left sidebar.)

Have more questions about My Digital Studio that haven't been answered here? Please feel free to Leave a Comment, or email me, if you don't find what you're looking for in the:

Learning My Digital Studio:
You can open the program and learn it on your own through familiarization if you like--but if you are looking for some resources, you might check out the lists below. The first list gives you links to several FREE video playlists. There is a LOT of info in these videos, but each video is relatively short, so just take them one at a time, in the order they are shown, and you will be an MDS Pro in no time!

My Digital Studio YouTube Tutorial Playlists:

This second list is comprised of content-based classes you can download for a fee from my Stampin' Up! ONLINE STORE. Each class will walk you all the way through one or more projects. Click on each link to find out more about each class, and/or to purchase it.

#135912 My Digital Class Finest Simplicity Kit $24.95 (Beginner Class)
#135913 My Digital Class Beautiful Today Kit $14.95 (Intermediate Class)
#135914 My Digital Class Love This Kit $14.95 (Intermediate Class)

Ready to get started with My Digital Studio NOW??

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